CHAMPALLEMENT: Our domain is located on the outskirts of the village of Champallement. This is a municipality in the department Nièvre, part of Burgundy. In the vicinity of the village is the remains of a Roman settlement, a fishing pond (deed required and available in the village) and further on the other side of our domain, at about 4 km, Montenoison a mountain with magnificent views (steep final climb of 16%). In the village and its surroundings also beautiful views but no facilities.

CORBIGNY: At 20 km. An old town situated on the edge of the Morvan near the Canal du Nivernais. Stop for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostella. There is a cultural centre at Saint Leonard de Corbigny Abbey with many cultural activities including Les Fetes Musicales de l’Abbaye. Furthermore a street with several shops.

CLAMECY: At 33 kilometers. The village is situated at the confluence of the Yonne and Beuvron rivers and the Canal du Nivernais. Clamecy is the former centre of timber transport. The felled trees went by rafts along the canal and the Yonne and further on the Seine to Paris. The Saint Martinus from the 12th to 16th century has a flamboyant Gothic steeple. The Iglise de Notre Dame de Bethleem is reminiscent of the time of the bishops and dates from 1927 and was built in Oriental style. There is also a Musee d’Art et D’Histoire and in the centre old half-timbered houses such as the weaver’s house, Maison Tisserand.

VÉZELAY: 44 km away. The regional meeting point for pilgrims was the basilica of Vézelay, accessible via a nice street with several artists. The Basilique Saint Marie Madeleine can be visited and is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

NEVERS: 47 km away. City of art and history on the banks of the Loire. The signposted route, “The Blue Wire, Fil Bleu” is a walking route that passes, among others, the ducal palace, the cathedral St-Cyr et Ste Juliet, the Romanesque Saint Etienne church and the Gogain tower. There is a walking route over the city walls “Promenade des Remparts”. Furthermore a lot of pottery in “Quartier des Faienciers”.

COSNE-COURS-SUR-LOIRE: At 55 kilometers. Town located at the crossroads of the Loire and the Nohain. Lots of culture and events throughout the year.there is plenty of historical and architectural heritage to discover during a city walk. Museums and boating on the Loire. Also fun to do the cyclorail on the old track.

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